2IN1 Cleanser (WM)
West Malaysia, Best Seller!

2IN1 Cleanser (WM)

First step to healthy skin is to have a cleanser that is gentle and can effectively remove dirt, sebum, and other impurities. GlowIN 21 2in1 Cleanser is a gentle milky cleanser that thoroughly cleanse your skin and provide moisturize, antioxidant protection with essential vitamins, it nourishes skin and humectants, result in smooth, soft and supple skin.

  • Gentle thorough cleanse
  • Help restore suppleness
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Boost microcirculation
  • Promotes skin’s healing process

Youth Restorative Essence (WM) Youth Restorative Essence (WM)
West Malaysia, Best Seller!

Youth Restorative Essence (WM)

Spray on concentrated essence deliver boost of antioxidant protecting your cell, stimulates collagen reproduction and skin deep rapid hydration resulting in a visible lifting and tightening effect. 
You'll notice visible lifting result in 10second that is supplemented by the rapid hydration boost, giving you refereshed complexion while improving skin barrier function.

  • Visible Lifting in 10 second
  • Rapid boost hydration level
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Instantly refreshes complexion
  • Improving skin barrier function

GlowIN21 Revive Peptide Botanical Beverage (WM) GlowIN21 Revive Peptide Botanical Beverage (WM)
West Malaysia, Best Seller!

GlowIN21 Revive Peptide Botanical Beverage (WM)

GlowIN21 Revive Peptide Botanical Beverage can effectively and quickly replenishes collagen peptides (not the ordinary Collagen, but Collagen targetted for skin) from the inside out, restoring elasticity, health, and supple luster skin. With ingredients are pure fruit extracts, that equivalent to natural fructose and rich in fiber.
The characteristics of fructose in the sugar family
1) Glycemic index GI is lower than 20, suitable for diabetic patients
2) Fructose can be easily metabolize, so it will not increase the workload on organs or stimulate insulin compared to other sugar substitute

-Provide nutrients needs of skin
-Repair & Restore Collagen Layer
-Protect skin against harmful UV rays
-Enhance the effectiveness of skin hydrate
-Improve blood circulation, strengthened nutrients transportation to whole body
-Enhanced healthy muscles and bones
-Speed up wound repair
-Reduce appearance of stretch marks
-Mend the harassment of sunken face
-Specialize in creating glowing skin
-Superiority skin anti-aging performance
-Reduce skin wrinkles
-Help to reinforce cadre and healthier hair
-Advanced moisturising and lock hydrate
-Keep the hair more smooth and silky
-Plump face
-Glowing & Translucent
-Strengthen bones
-Blemish spots & scars

Rapid Restorative Masque (WM)
West Malaysia, Best Seller!

Rapid Restorative Masque (WM)

Packed with 30g of serum per pack, absorb without our top quality silk sheet. Upon applying, your skin will immediately immersed to absorb & replenish, healing your skin condition. The revitalizing surge of hydration repair, refreshes and moisturises your skin brings out your brighter and more even-toned skin.

  • Surge of hydration repair
  • Revitalizing and moisturizes
  • Promotes skin regeneration
  • Strengthening connective tissue
  • Protective antioxidants against environmental stressors